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Almuñécar has 19 km of coastline divided into 26 beaches.
Some of these beaches are remote coves of difficult access and great attraction.

The Playa Tropical complex is made up of 129 apartments, located in front of the sea, next to the beach of the Velilla promenade, which is one of the main esplanades of Almuñecar. All year round we enjoy an exceptional microclimate with an average temperature of 18º throughout the winter and 25º throughout the summer.

Velilla Beach (Almuñecar)

Comunidad de Propietarios “Playa Tropical” - Paseo de Velilla, 6 - 18690 Almuñécar (Granada) - Tlf: 958 63 14 73 - Fax: 958 63 14 91